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Windows Troubleshooting - AI Disabled

If Autoinstall has been truned off on the device, it will not be possible have the device autoinstall on another computer.

Options to Install Connection Manager and Drivers on another computer:

  1. Re-enable AutoInstall feature on the device from a computer that already has Mobilink or Mobilink-Lite already installed
    1. Insert device in computer with Mobilink or Mobilink-Lite already installed
    2. Right click on Mobilink or Mobilink-Lite icon in the System Tray --> Settings --> Check the line Auto-Install.
    3. Now Autoinstall will be enabled and the device may be inserted in another computer and the Auto-Install feature will allow the connection manager and driver installer to Automatically Run.
  2. Must install from CD or ISO image.
    1. Get customized CD or ISO image from your service provider. This is the safest method which ensures the features and capability are compatible with your service provider's network.
    2. or download generic installer which must be configured for your service provider. Warning features and settings may not be compatible or support by your service provider's network.