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Installation Instructions: Mac OS X (Snow Leopard) with Novatel Wireless Drivers for 3G modems-3.0.13

The following describes how to connect to the Internet using a Novatel Wireless 3G modem and an Apple® computer running: Macintosh OS X v10.6 or greater.

These drivers are applicable to Mac OS X 10.4.1 and greater, but setup is different. Instructions for Leopard, Tiger and Panther computers are covered in another document.


Before you can connect to service provider with a Novatel Wireless modem, you will need the following:

  • An active account with a service provider with activated SIM card
  • A Novatel Wireless modem from same service provider (or not Network SIM card locked)
    • PC Card Models - U730, U740
    • ExpressCard34 Models - XU870, X950D
    • USB Models - MC930D, MC950D, MC935D, MC990D, MC996D, MC998D
    • MiFi Models - MiFi2352, MiFi2372
  • An Apple®: computer with the appropriate device interface (PC Card, ExpressCard34 or USB)
  • Configuration information from your service provider, including your username, password, APN, and DNS addresses


Setting Up Your Equipment

1. Power on your Apple®::computer.

2. Close all open files / applications because you will need to reset your computer to complete installation.

3. Download

4. Unzip the file and run the installer package - 3G_Drivers_v3.0.13-PS.pkg

5. Installation Steps

  • alt
  • Picture License
  • Package Agreement
Select Destination, Installation Type,... when Install completed successfully | Restart
  • install succeeded
6. Insert the modem into the computer.

Setting Up the Network Connections

In this section, you will configure the modem network connection settings.

1. Make sure the card is completely inserted.

2. Select System Preferences from the Apple (Apple menu) menu.

  • System Preferences menu
3. Click the Network button in the System Preferences window.
  • choose network

4. In the Network window,

  • Normally a Pop-up Window "New Interface Detected" - OKalt


Select Novatel Wireless Device (Skip to Step 5).

  • IF Novatel Wireless Device does not exist click '+' to add.
  • alt
  • In Popup Window - Select the Novatel Wireless Device altand Enter a Service Name - Create servicealt
5. Now create a configuration.
  • alt


6. In the Network window, select Advanced to configure Modem to connect to network.
  • alt

Enter APN | OK

  • alt
  • Leave Username and Password blank

7. Apply

  • alt

Opening an Internet Connection

Open Network Preferences and select Novatel Wireless device, configuration and click Connect. altalt

Surfing the Internet

Once you are connected to the Internet, you can use any Internet application, such as Safari, Firefox, Mail, and iChat, to surf the Internet, check email, and connect using VPN, etc.

Disconnecting From the Internet

Open Network Preferences and select Novatel Wireless device, and click Disconnect alt

Uninstalling the Novatel Wireless Modem Software

To remove Novatel Wireless Modem files from your machine, delete the following files (requires Administrator permissions):


Troubleshooting Information

Display WWAN icon in menu bar is not functional in Snow Leopard 10.6

  • alt

After Installation the Novatel Wireless Device is not detected

  • Ensure that the Device was not plugged into the computer during installation of drivers.
Steps to try to resolve
  • Remove device, wait a 30 seconds and replug in the device.

After installation the Novatel Wireless Device shows in Network window but will not connect.

  • Old information related to a previous installation or bad installation is still present
  • Unplug device
  • Select Novatel Wireless Device and click on the "-"near bottom left of windowalt
  • Delete Service
  • Apply
  • Close Network Window
  • Wait 30 seconds,and replug in the device. Repeat setup instructions

Unable to use multiple Novatel Wireless devices in the same computer.

When multiple technologies or carrier devices are plugged in on the same system, multiple profiles are created by the system. The profiles are not locked to a specific device. When user plugs in one of the devices in the future, it is possible that wrong Network profile gets selected and the connection fails.


  1. Open System Preferenced -> Network
  2. Select Novatel Wireless Modem and select "Delete Service" ("-").alt
  3. After Service has been deleted, click Apply
  4. Follow instructions to create new network profile

Modem State Information

The State of the LED on your modem is a great troubleshooting aid to determine the operating state of your modem. Below are LED State tables for the 9xx, 8xx and 7xx modem families.

9xx Products

  • 9xx LED States

8xx Products

  • 8xx LED States

7xx Products

  • 7xx LED States