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Installation Instructions: Mac OS X (Leopard) with Apple Drivers for the Novatel Wireless EVDO Modems


The following describes how to connect to the Internet using a Novatel Wireless modem and an Apple® running: with Macintosh OS X v10.5.x (Leopard).


Before you can connect to service provider with a Novatel Wireless modem, you will need the following:

  • An active account with a service provider
  • A Novatel Wireless activated EVDO modem
    • Intel Processor Computers
      • ExpressCard/34 Models - V640, XS620, XV620, EX720, MX720, V740
      • USB Model - MCD3000, U720, USB720
    • PPC Processor Computers
      • PC Card Models - S620, V720
  • An Apple®: computer with the appropriate device interface (PC Card, ExpressCard/34 or USB) and current Mac OS X updates.

Setting Up Your Equipment

  1. Power on your Apple®: computer.
  2. Insert the modem into the computer using a appropriate interface.
  3. The modems listed above should automatically be detected and use Apple drivers.

Setting Up the Network Connections

In this section, you will configure the modem network connection settings.

    1. Make sure the card is completely inserted.
    2. Select System Preferences from the Apple menu.

System Preferences menu

    1. Click the Network button in the System Preferences window.

      System Preferences window

    2. If Novatel Wireless CDMA device shows in interface list on the left of the screen, skip to step #5,
      otherwise click on '+'

      Click '+' to add

      Select the Novatel Wireless CDMA from the Interface pulldown and optionally change the default Service Name. Click Create.

      Select Novatel Wireless CDMA

    3. Now create a configuration.

AddConfig Enter Config Name


  1. In the Network window, select Advanced to configure Modem to connect to network.

    Pick Modem

  2. Click the Advanced... button. Change the Vendor to Novatel. Click OK.

    (Note, it is currently not possible to pick both the Vendor and Model without returning to the main window.)

    Click the Advanced... button. Change the Model to CDMA. Click OK. 

    EVDO WWAN setting

  3. Click the Apply button and close System Preferences.
    Apply button

Opening an Internet Connection

Click the WWAN icon in the menu bar and select Connect...

Disconnect disconnect

You can also connect from Apple | System Preferences | Network. Highlight Novatel Wireless CDMA | Connect button.

Surfing the Internet

Once you are connected to the Internet, you can use any Internet application, such as Safari, Firefox, Mail, and iChat, to surf the Internet, check email, and connect using VPN, etc.

Disconnecting From the Internet

To disconnect from the Internet, click the WWAN icon in the menu bar and select Disconnect from the drop down menu.

Disconnect disconnect

You can also disconnect from Apple | System Preferences | Network. Highlight Novatel Wireless CDMA | Disconnect button.