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Linux - Driver Configuration Packages

Note: This document is provided for information purpose only. Novatel Wireless cannot accept any responsibility for the use of information provided in this document.


The packages in this directory will configure your Linux system to recognize the Novatel Wireless modems and use them. Please copy the appropriate driver package (see below) to your system and install it. Then remove the modem and reboot your system. The CDROM containing the packages will no longer appear, and in stead you will have access to the modem interface. 

In recent distributions, such as Fedora 10, Ubuntu 8.10 or OpenSuSE 11.1, the NetworkManager applet will either provide a configure-free connection or allow easy configuration of the device.


  • On some distributions (such as Fedora 10), package installation may require a connection to the internet, even if the package is locally available and does not have unfulfilled dependencies.
  • On some distributions (such as Mandriva 2009), configuring the broadband modem may be difficult or impossible. Feature development on NetworkManager has gone very fast, especially on Mobile Broadband support, and some versions had incomplete feature sets. Updating your NetworkManager or installing add-on packages should fix this.
  • On some distributions (such as Ubuntu 8.04) the dialup support is not part of the standard distribution. This is particularly problematic when older versions of NetworkManager are present (v0.6 or older), which don't support dialup but take control of many networking aspects (such as DNS configuration). It may be necessary to uninstall the existing network management tool, in addition to installing a dialup application (such as gnome-ppp, wvdial, pppconfig or kinternet).


Which package you should install depends on the package management system your linux distribution uses. If you do not know which one it is, try running the following command on your root console:

rpm -h

If this works, i.e. the rpm executable is present, your system uses the Red Hat package management system, and you should install the .rpm file. Fedora, Mandriva and OpenSuSE are examples of distributions that use this system.

If this does not work, try running the following command:

dpkg -h

If this works, i.e. the dpkg executable is present, your system uses the Debian package management syste, and you should install the .deb file. Debian, Ubuntu and Mint are examples of distributions that use this system.

If this does not work, you are probably using a slackware system, and you should try installing the .tar.gz file. Slackware systems can have several package management systems, or none at all. Some distributions use pkgtool (example: Zenwalk), others use installpkg (example: Slax). If your distribution does not have a package system, I'm sure you know what to do already - and you're not reading this 
README anyway.


These packages have been tested on numerous distributions and work for any that has kernel version 2.6.22 or later. To check which kernel you're running, type the following command on your console:

uname -r

Older distributions generally need to have binary drivers installed, and may not be able to fully use the features of the modem (you may need to turn off the auto-install feature manually, there could be throughput limitations). That said, the modems have been tested on kernels as old as 2.4.22 (Mandrake 9.2).

Please check the Novatel Wireless website ( for more information if your distribution is not supported. Before contacting Novatel support, please try installing the driver package from the command line and provide the output.