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Linux - ASUS Eee-PC Configuration Notes

Note: This document is provided for information purpose only. Novatel Wireless cannot accept any responsibility for the use of information provided in this document.

The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice and should not be construed as a commitment by Novatel Wireless Inc. unless such commitment is expressly given in a covering document.

ASUS Eee-PC configuration.

On the Asus Eee-PC, the Xandros linux kernel (version currently can not be configured to support new modems without recompilations. When the device is inserted it automatically will be detected as a CDROM (with installer information for Windows and Mac computers).

To get around this, it is easiest to use a binary distribution of our drivers.

Because the kernel is newer than 2.6.13, it uses udev and our generic driver configuration package. It automatically ejects the auto-install cdrom and assigns the option driver to the device. The usual ports are created, but the Eee-PC Network manager does not recognize the port as a modem port. 
  • After loading the driver package on your EEE, right click on the file and select "Install DEV file".Install Deb File
  • Installation Complete - File Manager should show the file was successfully installed.
  • After the drivers have been installed, you may now insert your Novatel Wireless modem.
  • This screenshot shows that the OS assigned the ports (your device may show only 2 ports instead of the 5 ports shown by this device.dmesg show device
  • Now you can use the built-in Network Connection Manager to create a connection using the modem.eee_connection-wizard-connection-type.png
  • The modem shows up in the hardware selection list. You want to choose USB0.eee_connection-wizard-select-hw.png
  • It can take a while for the list of available networks to show up. Select the one you want to connect to.eee_connection-wizard-network-reg.png
  • The EEE PC has a large number of network settings preprogrammed. Select the correct one, or type in the the APN, username and password as provided by your operator.eee_connection-wizard-network-reg.png
  • Name the connection.eee_connection-wizard-name-connection.png
  • Finish the Connection Wizard. eee_connection-wizard-finish.png