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Linux - Acer Aspire One Configuration Notes

Note: This document is provided for information purpose only. Novatel Wireless cannot accept any responsibility for the use of information provided in this document.

The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice and should not be construed as a commitment by Novatel Wireless Inc. unless such commitment is expressly given in a covering document.

Acer Aspire One (Linpus) configuration. (Draft - not finalized)

Acer Aspire One uses the Linpus Operating System which is somewhat more difficult to change. Please do the Live Update to ensure your system is running with updated OS before installing the modem configuration package.

Update your operating system 

  • Connect to wifi network (Requires internet connection)
  • Perform "Live Update". This takes a very long time. You may need to do a reboot and repeat the "Live Update" to ensure all updates have been completed

Install modem drivers.

  • Download novatel_modem_drivers_config_acer_aspire_one-1.1-3.noarch.rpm
    • Be sure you're one (via WiFi or ethernet). Put the rpm (link above) on the system, say in the user's Download directory. Using the File Manager (under Files), navigate to the directory where the package is located. 
    • Double-click the package and enter root password is asked. Click "Apply" on the installation screen. 
    • After dependencies are added, hit "Continue". The installer won't be able to verify the package, so hit "Install anyway" 
  • Reboot

Optional check of whether installation is complete - check "Connect" window

Advanced user Optional check

"dmesg' will show the system message, including the detection of the modem ports and their assignment (in this case) to /dev/ttyUSB0 and /dev/ttyUSB1. Symbolic links to these ports will be available as /dev/nvtl/portX, and the lowest port will be linked to /dev/modem. The modem has to be connected to the AAO for this test.

To configure the PPP connection using gnome-ppp to connect 

  • Single-click the gnome-ppp icon in the Connect window. Enter troot password if asked.
  • In dialup window, fill in username and password (very often justguest/guest will work fine), select "Remember password" and enter *99# as the phone number. 
  • Click "Setup".
    In the "Modem" tab, 
    • Select "Init Strings" and add the following string:
    • AT+CGDCONT=1,," your_apn "
      where your-apn is for the network you are using and must be inside " marks
    • then Hit "Enter" and Close the Window.
  • In the "Options" tab, select "Ignore terminal strings (stupid mode)" and Close the window. 

Use the new gnome-ppp icon in the connect menu to manage your connection