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Mobilink SMS Basics

Your Novatel Data Product is equipped to send and receive SMS. This feature may or may not be available, depending on your mobile operator. Click the SMS button on the MobiLink control panel to open the SMS window.
Inbox Messages you receive on your Novatel Data Product.
2 Outbox Messages waiting to be sent.
3 Sent Messages sent on your Novatel Data Product.
4 SIM When you use the same SIM card in both your mobile phone and in your Novatel Data Product, messages sent or received while using the SIM in your mobile phone display in this folder.
5Summary Click a message header in the summary area to read.
6Message Displays the message selected in the Summary area.

Read messages
An envelope icon will display in the top right corner of the MobiLink control panel when you receive a new message.
Select the required folder.
Select the message you want to read in the top panel (Summary). The messages displays in the bottom panel (Message).

Send messages
The length of outgoing messages is limited to 160 characters. If your message is longer than this, it will be sent in multiple messages.
Click the New SMS/Email Message button.
In the To box, type the phone number of the recipient.
If you are sending the message to more than one person, separate the names or phone numbers with a semicolon ( ; ).
You can also click the To button to address the message to contacts or groups in your Address Book.
Click the Send button on the toolbar to send your message.