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Mobilink Everyday Basics

After you install the MobiLink™ software and set up your Novatel Wireless Data Product for first time use, it’s time to get down to the everyday basics. The following steps provide a roadmap of typical usage activities. Use it as a guide and customize it according to your needs.
1. Turn on your laptop power.
Remove your Merlin or Ovation data product from your laptop before you turn on the power.
2. Start MobiLink.
MobiLink is the communications software you use to send and receive SMS, and connect to the cellular network.
Doubleclick the MobiLink icon on your desktop to start the application. Want to have MobiLink start automatically each time you start your computer? Click Here
3. Insert your Novatel Wireless Data Product.
You’ll see the message “No Device Detected” on the MobiLink control panel before you insert your Novatel Wireless Data Product. After you insert it, the message will change to “Initializing Device”.
The LED on your Novatel Wireless Data Product will display a solid red light while it searches for available networks.
When a network is found and attached to, the light on the LED will begin to flash: green for GPRS, violet for EDGE, or blue for UMTS. The message on the MobiLink control panel will change to “Ready”.
You’ll find a complete list of LED colors and related states here.
4. Send or receive SMS.
Once you are attached to a cellular network, you can send and receive SMS. Check the envelope icon on the MobiLink control panel. It will appear blue when SMS is available and gray when it is not.
Click the envelope icon on the MobiLink control panel to send and receive SMS.
mobilink_sms.jpeg Click to send and receive SMS
Need more information? Click Here. Not sure what “attached” means? Click Here
5. Surf the web or check your email.
When you surf the web or send or receive email, you are sending and receiving data from the cellular network. Before you can do this, you have to connect to the network.
Select a profile and click the Connect button on the MobiLink control panel to connect to the network. If your SIM card is locked, type in your PIN code and click OK.
Click the Internet icon to launch your web browser.
Select a profile click to connect click to launch your web browser
Not sure what your PIN code is? Check with your mobile operator.
Don’t see a profile? You might have to set one up. Click Here
Want to connect to the cellular network automatically when you turn on your computer? Click Here.
Click here to find out how your PIN code can provide extra security.
6. Disconnect from the network.
Click Disconnect to end your Internet session.
Click the Menu button and select Exit.
Click to disconnect
Remove your Merlin XU870 from the ExpressCard slot.
Want to find out how much time you spent online? Click Here