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Connection Basics

Connect to the cellular network when you want to surf the web or send or receive email.

Connection Profile
A connection profile is used to authorize your request and create a secure connection to the available cellular network. You’ll need to get the Access Point Name (APN), Username and Password from your mobile operator. Most European operators do not require a User Name and Password.
Create a Profile Name that is meaningful to you. After you add a new profile, the Profile Name displays in the Profile list on the MobiLink control panel when a network is available.
  • Click the Menu button and select Profile Manager.
  • Click the New button.
  • Enter the Profile Name and the APN*.
  • Click the Next button.
  • If required, enter the Username* and Password*.
  • Click the Finish button.
* The APN, Username and Password are specific to your mobile operator. Contact your mobile operator for more information.

Connection Mode
You can connect to the cellular network manually or automatically each time you start your computer. Your Merlin XU870 is set up by default to connect manually.
If you change this default to connect automatically, the profile you used the last time you connected manually will be used for the automatic connection. Your connection will be established as soon as you insert your Merlin XU870 without launching MobiLink.
  • Click the Menu button and select Configuration from the menu.
  • Select the Mobile tab.
  • Select AutoConnect at Startup.
  • Click OK.

Lock Code
Use the Lock Code setting to secure your cellular network connections. When enabled, you will be prompted to enter the PIN code for your SIM card each time you connect.
  • Click the Menu button and select Configuration from the menu.
  • Select the Mobile tab.
  • Select AutoLock on power up.
  • Type your PIN code in the Pin Code box.
  • Click OK.
Note: To disable the AutoLock, delete the PIN code from the Pin Code box and then deselect AutoLock on powerup.

Change PIN Code
For security reasons, you should change your preset PIN code. The length of your PIN code will vary, depending on your mobile operator.
  • Click the Menu button and select Configuration from the menu.
  • Select the Mobile tab.
  • Click the Change Pin Code button.
  • Type your existing PIN code in the Current Code box and your new PIN code in the New Code box.
  • Click OK.

Connection Log
To monitor the duration of your connection and data transferred, you can view connection statistics throughout the month. You can reset the Data and Time counters at any time. Please note that the usage information shown in MobiLink may be different from that shown on your bill.
  • Click the Menu button and select Connection Log.
Note: The Connection Log is intended for use by people who connect manually. If you are using the AutoConnect at Startup option, the log statistics may not be meaningful.