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Telemetry Solutions

The SA Series enables multi-technology telemetry solutions for cellular M2M applications through two device platforms: the SA-G+ for 2G/3G cellular connectivity and the MiFi® Powered™ SA 2100 for 3G/4G mobile broadband access.

Our latest SA product, the SA 2100, is the only versatile and cost-effective M2M solution that incorporates the industry-leading MiFi® technology for a variety of fixed and mobile applications.

The SA-G+ is an ideal device to connect machines requiring low data throughput to the mobile Internet.  The SA-G+ can drive applications from Remote Monitoring Automation & Control (RMAC) in public utilities, oil/gas, manufacturing, and facilities, to cellular connectivity for ATM, vending, and lottery machines as well as parking meters and gaming terminals..  The convenience and efficiency of anywhere, anytime connectivity is priceless.

Designed for operational simplicity and price economy, the SA Series doesn’t overshoot the needs of most M2M applications with sophisticated features or excessive interfaces. Instead, the series remains focused on Novatel Wireless’ core mission to connect serial-based machines to the cloud—simply, reliably, and economically.



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SA 2100

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