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Telematics and Mobile Tracking Solutions

Our versatile Enfora® MT Series of mobile tracking devices has been installed worldwide across a variety of markets. To accommodate the needs of the widest range of applications and end users, Novatel Wireless' series devices offer a number of Mobile Resource Management (MRM) features and options including 12V and 24V vehicle support; GSM/GPRS, CDMA®2000, and HSDPA/UMTS air interfaces; and variable hardware formats. Some of these formats include wired, unwired with optional rechargeable backup battery, and OBD-II plug-and-play with optional backup battery. Most of our MT Series devices have a method to detect and report potential tamper events, enhancing overall security.

MT 3050

The MT 3050 is Novatel Wireless’ newest product in the successful Enfora® MT series of OBD-II  Read more

MT 3060

An innovative OBDII plug-and-play design with embedded Bluetooth, and enhanced performance  Read more

MT 4100

The feature-rich MT 4100 is a dual-band 1xRTT (CDMA2000) and HSDPA/UMTS two-SKU solution that  Read more

MT 1200

Designed for simplicity, flexibility and economy, the MT 1200 combines robust vehicle tracking  Read more