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Mobilink Guide

About this Guide

This guide provides the following information:
  • Everyday Basics: If you are working with the default settings and want a quick reference for daily activities, read this section.
  • Connection Basics: If you had trouble setting up your profile as part of the installation or you want to find out how to automatically connect to the network when you turn your laptop power on, read this section.
  • SMS Basics: This section shows you how to send and receive SMS.
  • Address Book Basics: Thinking about sending an SMS to a group of people? You’ll want to read this section first.
  • Glossary: Understanding all those technical terms
For installation instructions, please refer to the Quick Start Guide. A printed version of this guide was included in the product box. You’ll also find a copy on the CD.
For information on advanced topics not included in this guide, please refer to the MobiLink online help.
Note: MobiLink software is for supported Windows platforms only. Support for Mac OS and Linux is provided through drivers. For more information, see the Novatel Wireless Support Section.