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MC760 FAQs


What type of antenna/RFconnector cable is compatible with Ovation™ MC760? An External RF Connector (SMK TS-9 series) is compatible with Ovation™ MC760. This model is currently available through Verizon Wireless.
What is the Ovation™ MC760 USB Modem by Novatel Wireless? Ovation™ MC760 is Novatel Wireless’ next generation USB modem, which offers users a 2-in-1 USB Modem and memory storage device in a more compact hardware design making it one of the smallest form factors available in the U.S. (Ovation™ MC760 is sold through Sprint as U760 and Verizon Wireless as USB760).
Do I need a battery? Ovation™ MC760 does not use batteries.
What networks does the Ovation™ MC760 operate on? Ovation™ MC760 operates on (CDMA 1x) and Mobile Broadband (CDMA 1xEVDO Rev 0 and Rev A) network.
Which Operating Systems are supported for use with the Novatel Wireless Ovation™ MC760? Microsoft Windows Vista/XP/2000; Mac OS X version 10.4.1 or higher (Tiger and Leopard); and Linux.
The following Operating Systems are not supported: Palm and Pocket PC (Windows Mobile CE).
Does Ovation™ MC760 support voice calls, fax and/or text messaging?

No. Voice calls and fax are not supported.

However digital services such as e-fax are supported through 3rd party applications

Which applications are well suited for using with the Ovation™ MC760 and the improved upload speeds?




Email – Send large files faster

Internet/Intranet Access

Video Conferencing and Surveillance


Real-time Media Streaming


Online Gaming


Corporate Server (using VPN) Access


Online Field Service Systems


Healthcare/Insurance, sending images

How do I identify a Type-A USB Modem port?

The Ovation™ MC760 is designed for common Type A USB form factor.

Type A USB ports found on virtually all computers (desktops, notebooks, tablet PCs etc) and often times is identified with a USB symbol that resembles a cactus 

Receptacle Outlines -  

The MC727 does not work with the following connectors:

  • micro USB
  • mini USB
  • B-type
  • IEEE-1394 (Firewire, i.LINK)


I don’t have enough space to fit another USB product in my computer. What are my options?

You have a couple of options, depending on your problem.

1) If the problem is due to the fact that the device is too wide, causing it to cover up the surrounding USB ports on the computer, use the USB cable and notebook clip holder accessory pair that was included in the product packaging.

2) If you do not have enough USB ports to accommodate a new USB product, consider investing in a USB hub to free up a USB port for your MC760. The MC760 should be plugged into the computer and not the USB hub to ensure sufficent power and optimal timing.

USB hubs are external devices that allow many USB devices to be connected to a single USB port on the host computer or another hub. They can be purchased from any electronics store.

Is it possible to use an external antenna with the Ovation™ MC760?

Yes, although it is not necessary in areas with good network coverage. To connect an external antenna to the Ovation MC760, an antenna with a TS-9 male connector (or antenna with TS-9 male adapter) is required.

The antenna cable connects directly into the Ovation MC760 via the antenna connector located under the rubber cap on the left-side of the device.

Soon (if not already available), the 3rd party antenna providers will make the antenna with the SMK Plug CRC9001-5301F already on the cable. 
Many 3rd party antenna providers have antennas available now with FME female connector. Then use a FME male adapter to SMK Plug CRC9001-5301F.

How will the use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection affect the data transfer speed of the Novatel Wireless Ovation™ MC760? Since a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection increases the amount of data being transferred for security purposes; the average data transfer speed will be reduced by its use. The amount of degradation in the data transfer speed will depend upon the level of security/encryption in place and may be reduced by consulting the IT administrator in charge of your VPN.
If I lose coverage or remove the Ovation™ MC760 during a file download, will the download resume when the card is inserted and within CDMA coverage again?

No. You will need to re-establish a connection to the network and restart the file download.

Some third party applications provide the capability of continuing a file transfer after a call drop.

What do the LED lights on the Novatel Wireless Ovation™ MC760 indicate?

The LED lights are visual indicators of the current status of the Ovation™ MC760.

  • Solid green – The device is powered, but it is not connected.
  • Blinking green – The device is connecting and/or is connected to the network.
  • Solid red – No service found (searching for service)
  • Solid orange – An error has occurred. Reset the device. If this does not resolve the issue, it must be replaced
Does Ovation™ MC760 also function as a Wi-Fi device? No. Ovation™ MC760 is a broadband wireless modem that leverages the Mobile Broadband network, no hot-spots necessary.
I tried to save files to Ovation™ MC760 and nothing happens. In order to utilize the memory storage feature, a microSD card is required. The microSD cards are sold separately and the device can accommodate memory up to 4GB. The User Guide and the Quick Start Guide provide details on how to use a microSD card.
How do I remove a microSD from the device?

The comprehensive Quick Start Guide booklets explains in detail how to remove the device. Quite simply, a lanyard was included in the package contents of the device. This lanyard includes a safety removable clip that also functions as a tool to eject the microSD card from the microSD slot.

  1. Separate the clip (you do not have to remove the lanyard from the device to perform this task)
  2. Using the retriever tool, gently press in and release the microSD card, which should then pop out half way.