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MiFi® 7730L Global LTE Mobile Hotspot

The Global LTE Mobile Hotspot - MiFi 7730L is a premium device that offers faster CAT 9 LTE  Read more

MiFi® M100 - 4G LTE Personal Mobile Hotspot

The MiFi M100 by Novatel Wireless puts wireless mobile Internet in the palm of your hand. You can  Read more

MiFi 6630 – Global Hotspot

The MiFi 6630 is a technological wonder. It can connect up to 15 devices (such as notebooks, tablets  Read more

MiFi 6620 – 4G LTE Intelligent Mobile Hotspot with Universal Charger

Introducing the newest addition to Novatel Wireless’ award-winning family of MiFi Intelligent  Read more

MiFi 6620L - 4G LTE Intelligent Mobile Hotspot with Universal Charger

Universal Charger, 20 Hour Battery, 15 Connections and Global Ready Mobile Hotspot  Read more

MiFi® 2 – 3G/4G LTE
Next Generation MiFi

A brilliant interactive touchscreen, up to 16 hours of battery life* and 4G LTE connectivity for 10  Read more

Sprint MiFi® 500 LTE
by Novatel Wireless

Start your engines! Sprint MiFi 500 LTE is now available. Race into your nearest Sprint retailer and  Read more

MiFi 5510L - 3G/4G LTE
Intelligent Mobile Hotspot

Introducing the Verizon Jetpack™ 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot MiFi® 5510L, a MiFi Intelligent Mobile  Read more

MiFi 5510 - 4G LTE
Intelligent Mobile Hotspot

The MiFi 5510 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot by Novatel Wireless. Stay connected for up to 10 hours with  Read more