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Unsolicited Calls from “Novatel” or “Novatel LTD" 
Cyber-criminals often use the names of well-known companies in their scams. Novatel Wireless and Novatel Wireless partners do not call our customers. 
We are aware of unsolicited calls under the caller ID, NovaTel LTD, (210) 249-0540. NovaTel LTD is a separate entity and not affiliated with Novatel Wireless,Inc. They are currently investigating the situation.
If you receive an unsolicited call or email message that purports to be “Novatel,” requesting personal information delete the message or hang up the phone. 
Please do not entertain such calls or provide any kind of information to the caller. 
For more information, contact Novatel LTD (not affiliated with Novatel Wireless, Inc.) at (210) 271-3407.